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WaterTech Pool Buster Max  
The powerful Pool Buster Max Commercial Grade is the world's first and only rechargeable battery-powered, self contained underwater vacuum cleaner.

The Pool Buster Max Commercial Grade allows you to clean your entire pool in one-third of the time without bulky hoses or electrical cords. It works totally independent of your pool filtration system and contains its own reusable large filter bag, which virtually eliminates the need to backwash your main filter.

This lightweight cleaner has a built-in handle or connects to any telescopic pole to reach hard to get areas. It has its own internal vacuum motor, making it stronger than any other vacuum system. The Pool Buster Max CG is easily maneuverable, vacuums debris, leaves and algae from your entire pool. It can operate for up to 1 hour on its rechargeable battery and works in any type of in-ground and above-ground pool or spa.

The Pool Buster MAX CG may look like a touch-up machine, but it is a total pool cleaner that can replace you current pool cleaning system. Whether you are cleaning manually with a hose or use an automatic pool cleaner, they each take a lot of set-up and are limited in their cleaning capabilities. The Pool Buster MAX CG a convenient way to clean your pool - get your's today!

WaterTech Pool Buster Max

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