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Polaris AutoClear Plus  

The Polaris AutoClearPlus automated chlorinating system produces all the chlorine needed to keep a pool sanitized naturally and safely. Using the pool's water and a small amount of added salt, the AutoClearPlus system uses a natural process to generate a controlled amount of pure chlorine.

  • Clean and clear water with a silky feel.
  • Produces pH friendly chlorine eliminating red eye, skin irritation and faded bathing suits.
  • Sanitizes naturally, without any harsh chemicals.

The benefits of natural chlorination, the Polaris AutoClear way:

  • No handling or transporting chlorine.
  • Consistent sanitizing levels throughout varying salt and pool temperature ranges.
  • Compact cell design can be mounted horizontally or vertically without low flow issues.
  • Sanitizes pools up to 40,000 gallon capacity.
  • Two-inch cell design provides less flow restriction.
  • Large-surface cell plates improve chlorine production.
  • Integrated flow switch.
  • Water temperature sensor is more accurate in determining chlorine demands.

Easy and convenient to use.

  • Chlorinates the pool automatically.
  • Saves money.
  • One touch LED display for system diagnostics.
  • Easy to read LCD displays run time, salt concentration and system diagnostics

Polaris AutoClear Plus
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