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Color Splash LED Pool Light  

 - 7 solid colors, 5 light shows and multiple color blends transform your pool or spa into a brilliant paradise
 - Uses 90% less electricity than a standard pool light
 - Proprietary cooling system
 - Synchronize multiple pool & spa lights
 - Edison base allows for easy installation into existing light fixture
 - 5-year warranty
 - Available for 120-volt and 12-volt installations

What is the difference between the ColorSplash™ pool and spa lights?
The Color Splash pool light is larger and is designed for in-ground pools. The Color Splash spa light is smaller and is made for in-ground spas. All other features of the lights are the same.

What is the warranty?
The Color Splash pool and spa lights have a five-year warranty. If the product fails during the warranty period, J&J Electronics will, at its discretion, repair or replace the light.

What is an LED?
Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are semiconductor chips enclosed in small lenses. The semiconductor chips convert electrical energy directly into light. And the lenses concentrate and direct the light. Unlike conventional lighting technologies, LEDs do not have “bulbs”, which means LEDs last much longer and use much less power than incandescent lights. Color Splash uses LEDs to disperse colored light throughout a pool or spa.

How long will the LEDs in a Color Splash light last?
The LEDs have a rated life of up to 100,000 hours. This means you can enjoy up to 11 years of continuous Color Splash usage in your pool or spa.

Are all LEDs the same?
No. The quality and brightness of LEDs vary greatly. Color Splash uses only high quality LEDs to give you the brightest and most brilliant colors.

How does the Color Splash light change colors?

Color Splash uses a microprocessor to mix the light created by its combination of red, green and blue LEDs. This color mixing creates multiple lighting modes for you to enjoy in your pool or spa. See how Color Splash will transform your pool with color.

How many lighting modes does Color Splash have?
Each Color Splash light comes with 12 exotic lighting modes to choose from: See how you can transform your pool or spa!

  • Parisian Blue
  • Brazilian Red
  • Tahitian Blue
  • Miami Pink
  • Tuscan Orange
  • Arctic White
  • New Zealand Green
  • Slow Splash: slow cross-fade through all seven solid colors
  • Fast Splash: quick and random flashes through the seven solid colors
  • Super Slow Splash: very slow cross-fade through all seven solid colors
  • Patriotic Splash: quick cross-fade through red, white and blue
  • Tidal Splash: slow cross-fade between green and blue

In what pool and spa housings can the Color Splash lights be used?
Color Splash pool lights are compatible with Hayward® Astrolite™ SP058 Series and Pentair® Amerlite 784 Series. Color Splash spa lights are compatible with Hayward® Astrolite II SP059 Series and Pentair® SpaBrite Series. Color Splash is not for use in pools and spas with dimming systems.

120v Pool Light

120v Spa Light

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